Hammock Sky Portable Drink Holder Handcrafted Weatherproof Polyester

Hammock Sky

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Sip while relaxing. Crafted with an intricate braided design, this Hammock Drink Holder keeps your cold drink within easy reach. It’s light, portable and attaches to your favorite Hammock or Hammock Chair in seconds. Made of 100% quality weatherproof polyester, it will last a lifetime.

  • Hammocks & cold drinks go hand in hand - attach our hammock drink holder to your favorite hammock or hammock chair.
  • Attach it in less than 15 seconds - attach your portable drink holder in less than 15 seconds by fastening a simple knot.
  • Use as a portable drink holder - bring it backpacking (as an extra drink slot on your backpack)
  • All drinks fit - from larger bottles to thicker glasses, this portable drink holder fits them all, the polyester stretches to snuggly wrap around
  • ✔✔ Quality weatherproof material - made of quality, rain-resistant polyester that will last a lifetime


  • Weight: 1 Lb.
  • Dimensions: 10 CM Width x 14 CM Height
  • Easy to Transport
  • Simple to Hang
  • Store After Use: Not Necessary