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Necessary Hammock Accessories You Should Have 

Hammock tree straps

Ahammock is already a great and functional piece of equipment on its own. You can make it even better by purchasing some of the best hammock accessories in the market. These accessories allow you to upgrade your hammock so that it can be customized to your liking. Take a look at the list below for some of the accessories that you can try out.

Tree Straps 

As the name suggests, this accessory attaches your hammock to trees. It is a suspension accessory that allows you to hang up your hammock so that it is sturdily attached to trees. Simply take the tree straps at both ends of your hammock and then attach the straps to opposing trees at your desired height. You can secure the straps by using carabiners or hooks. Tree strapsare often completely adjustable so that you can customize the tautness of your hammock.

Hammock Cover

A hammock cover or a hammock tarp is yet another must-have. It essentially provides you with shade so that you can still lounge in your hammock even on hot days. It also protects you from the rain in case of a downpour. You install it using guylines that ensure it is taut throughout the day. You can get bigger covers to provide more shelter against the rain so that none of the droplets will reach you and your belongings inside the hammock.

Hammock Cpver

Great hammock covers will keep your hammock dry

tree straps
Hammock tree straps

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Hammock Hooks

Hammock hooks are basic accessories to get because they serve so many functions in installing your hammock. One can use hammock hooks to attach the tree straps around trees. It adds another layer of security which is better for you than just relying on knotting the straps. The hooks can also be used for installing the other hammock accessories you have like the hammock cover, cup holder, and many more. You can also use it to strap your belongings to your hammock, especially if you are using a hammock tent. There are countless uses to it that make it such an essential accessory. 

Bug Net 

Hammocks are usually installed outdoors. That means you are exposed to insects and other creepy crawlers. It is uncomfortable and dangerous to be exposed to such. You also wouldn’t want to wake up with tons of insect bites on your skin.

While you have the option to wear protective clothing or to lather on some insect-repellant, it is far more comfortable to get a bug net. It is a tent that is made of mesh that keeps the insects out while allowing the air to freely flow in. You will experience all of the good parts of nature, minus the bugs. 


Being suspended in the air means that you are exposed to free-flowing air on all fronts. Your underside might feel cold, especially during the night once the sun has set. An under quilt helps keep you insulated and warm by retaining your body heat. It keeps your underside warm as you lie on your back so that you can sleep comfortably. It also adds extra padding so that your hammock feels softer and more comfortable. You will be sleeping like a baby in no time. 

These are just some of the accessories that can significantly improve your hammock experience. You can purchase them individually so that you can customize your hammock to your needs. For example, an under quilt is a must-have if you live in a cold area. Skip the hammock cover if you are camping on a clear night. These accessories guarantee a comfortable stay outdoors.  

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