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10 Camping Tools You Must Have 


Camping is an excellent way to reconnect with nature. It is a great outdoor activity that you can do with friends and family. The most important thing to consider is to be sufficiently prepared.

Camping comes in different degrees of difficulty. Some terrains are harsher than the others. This does not discount the fact that you have no stable shelter against extreme outdoor conditions which means that preparation is a must. If you’re going on a camping trip soon, check this list of the top ten camping tools you must have before you set foot on your journey. This list covers all the basics to ensure your safety as a camper.  

Lighting Source 

A source of illumination is very important. You can use it to light the pathway so that you can avoid tripping hazards. It also helps you get a clear view of your camping site so that you can go about your camping activities with a breeze. This prevents any accidents from happening in order to ensure your safety.

There is a wide array of lighting sources that you should consider having. Get a battery-operated lamp that you can hang up inside your tent. You can also opt for flashlights, both handheld and not. There are hands-free light sources that you can wear on your head so that you can keep your hands free to do everything else.  


Fire is another essential thing for camping. It can be used for a number of things such as keeping you warm, cooking your food, or as a source of light.

It is possible to create fire from materials like dried wood, leaves, and rocks. But that is time-consuming and not at all guaranteed. Bring a source of fire like a lighter or a box of dry matches. To keep the fire going for hours on end, make sure to bring some fuel and combustible materials.  

Sleeping Bag 

Just because you are outdoors does not mean you have to forgo all sources of comfort. A good night’s sleep is important for you to regain your strength and be prepared for the next day. One thing you can bring with you is a sleeping bag.

A sleeping bag cushions the surface you are sleeping on so that it will feel softer and more comfortable against your back. It is useful for when you intend to sleep on the floor or even for hammock chairs. Your body won’t have to deal with the tough surface of the ground that can yield body pains on the following day.  

Another benefit is its capability to keep your body warm. Some sleeping bags encroach your entire body so as to trap your body heat in. Outdoor temperatures can drop suddenly so it is important to find a way to stay warm.  

Emergency Kit 

Medical emergencies can happen. You can get wounded or feel some sort of illness while camping. It is way too unpredictable which is why an emergency kit is a must.

These kits enable you to be ready for all sorts of emergencies, both medical and otherwise. You can assemble the kit on your own or buy a complete set at survival stores. Some of the most common items inside include space blankets, multi functional tools, an emergency whistle, medicine for common illnesses, bandages, gauzes, and many more.  

Camping Hammock 

Most traditional camping sleeping quarters include camping tents, but have you heard of using hammocks? (Explore 10 reasons to have hammock) They are such revolutionary ways to camp and enjoy the outdoors. They’re so much easier to set up because you no longer need to assemble elaborate poles just to prop them up. All you need is to find two stable trees and then you are good to go.

Hammock chairs and camping hammocks are generally more comfortable compared to traditional tents. You are suspended in the air so you won’t deal with the tough surface. This also keeps you and your camping items safe if the ground is wet or if the camping site is prone to flooding.

Cooking Utensils 

You will also need a couple of cooking and eating utensils for you to prepare and eat your food with. This set must include a pot, some plates, drinking cups, and utensils.

It is advisable to go for stainless steel sets as these are lightweight and durable. The waterproof and resistivity to corrosives make them great picks for outdoor activities. They also last for a very long time so you can just reuse them repetitively over time.

Proper Gear 

Camping means exposing yourself to harsh outdoor weather conditions. That means you should prepare accordingly by wearing the proper protective gear. The proper shoes must be worn to ensure comfort while hiking long and hard terrains. A jacket or a windbreaker well help you stay warm and sheltered against the cold. Wear sleeves or a hat to protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun. Most importantly, everything must be comfortable enough and lightweight to move in.  


Water is a very important part of being outdoors. It is so important for survival. You use it to clean yourself and your things. It is also key for hydration. Water is also essential for cooking your meals.

Bring enough water to last your entire camping trip. You can also get one of those portable water filtration systems if you are going for extended trips. It saves you the burden of having to haul heavy water from one spot to another.  


Camping means going deep into the woods or any other unfamiliar territory. Most camping sites are deliberately placed in distant locations that are far from civilization.

There is a very high chance that you will lose your way back home, especially if you are traveling unfamiliar camping grounds. The best you can do is prepare navigation tools that will help you stay aware of your location at all times. Get a map of the land and a compass. These are reliable tools compared to digital maps because you do not need a cellular signal or battery to power them up. You should also familiarize yourself with how to navigate with the map. Take note of important nearby landmarks that can help you find your location. Using a compass may also need some getting used to so make sure to practice before you go camping.  

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